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Connect, educate and inform professionals who prepare, respond and assist in the recovery of disasters and other critical events. 

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Disaster Professionals Resource Network (DPRN) is a online community organization with a focus of being a resource for professionals that work in disaster related careers.  

Jess and Judith met in college for the emergency management program in 2008. Through the years they  have stayed close friends and have talked about starting a business together to share their experience with others. 

Our current services are

  •  Weekly  articles (Monday and Thursday)
  1. Consulting 
  2.  Training classes
  3.  Monthly Podcast 
  4.  Job postings  

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Our team

Jess Delaurelle

Co Founder

Jess has worked in a professional capacity for two non-profits as well as private businesses throughout her career. This has given her the ability to work with individuals at all levels of business, corporate boards, government and community agencies.
 In addition, she has coordinated 7 fundraisers raising $270,000. 

Judith Weshinskey Price

Co Founder

Judith Weshinskey-Price has spent the last 20 years in the public safety communications profession. Her current role is executive director of a 911 dispatch center in Florida. Judith is a trained instructor dedicated in learning & teaching others about communications, preparedness & response in disaster situations. 

Judith also currently serves on several boards and committees.